Hello again from the Ithaca College Bass Studio! We are excited to announce new developments on the 2017 College Bass Ensemble Showcase for the 50th Anniversary ISB Convention in Ithaca, New York. Many college bass ensembles from across the United States have registered to perform. These include: Shenandoah University, Oberlin Conservatory, Cleveland Institute of Music, Colorado State University, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and ourselves at Ithaca College. Each school brings with diverse programing selections from artists ranging from Metallica, L’Orchestra des Contrabasses, Astor Piazzolla, Daryl Runswick, and every bassist’s favorite – The Backstreet Boys.

In November and December, we reached out to dozens of bass studios and instructors across the United States introducing the concept of a College Bass Ensemble Showcase at the convention in hopes of attracting interest in this event. We were then contacted by interested studios who are excited about leaving a musical mark on the 2017 Convention. Since then, we’ve been coordinating performance times and venues for this showcase. Each studio will get a twenty-minute time slot to perform a set of bass ensemble music. Convention attendees will hear ensembles twice a day, during the meal/break hours and before evening concerts. The model we are working with right now will have one group perform at 1:30pm and another at 7:00pm. The official bass ensemble performance schedule will be posted online as soon as possible.

We are all looking forward to hearing the amazing music that our college peers bring to the convention!

ISB 2017 Convention Chair

Nicholas is the President of the ISB, and is an Associate Professor of Music at Ithaca College.