The ISB’s Build a Bass in a Week Team, led by Paul Hart, was back together again at the 2017 convention at Ithaca College in June. Its mission? To build a beautiful instrument, the result of the combined talents of more than 50 makers from around the world, in just seven days.

Not only did these amazing men and women work night and day, but they also generously volunteered their time and skills, allowing us to raffle off the bass at the end of the week with proceeds benefiting the ISB.

Click here to read about this amazing feat through the eyes of an apprentice luthier, and view a slideshow for a behind-the-scenes look at how a double bass is made.
And if you’re interested in owning a double bass like no other, built by an international team of top luthiers, Build a Bass Instrument No. 2, from the 2015 convention at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, is for sale on consignment at Robertson & Sons Violins, with proceeds benefiting the ISB. Call 1-800-A-VIOLIN for more information.