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Build-a-Bass Recap from ISB2015

The Brotherhood of Loosely Associated Bass Luthiers of America, or the BLABLA group for short, is a group of luthiers who first met in Cincinnati to share ideas and techniques as well as get to know each other socially. They had a crazy idea. Wouldn't it be fun to try...

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What is Improvisation in music?

After Bruce Gertz's interviews with John Clayton,  Eddie Gomez and John Patitucci, he has a few ideas of his own to share.  What are your thoughts on improvisation? As we learn to use our imagination and build stories in our minds, the same idea can evolve through...

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John Clayton on Improvisation

ISB board member Bruce Gertz talks with ISB member John Clayton about the blues and improvisation. (6 minutes and 51 seconds) John Clayton  is a natural born multitasker. The multiple roles in which he excels -- composer, arranger, conductor, producer, educator, and...

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Eddie Gomez on Music and Improvisation

ISB board member Bruce Gertz is going one on one with ISB member Eddie Gomez to talk about music and improvisation. (4 minutes and 3 seconds) Legendary bassist and two-time Grammy ® award winner Eddie Gomez has been on the cutting edge of music for over four...

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