Nobody knows better than a bassist how challenging it can be to fly with your instrument.  Our friends over at the International Federation of Musicians have made a working list for the best and worst airlines for musicians.  With their list, one can easily see who has musician friendly policies and who doesn’t.

Because this is an international organization, FIM is working towards unified criteria that can be supported by US and EU legislation.  Unfortunately at this time, the proposed legislation is not backed by the European Council.  YOU, however, can help them see how important this is for musicians around the world by signing their petition.

What does this list mean for bassists?  It can be a little difficult to tell.  Each airline’s baggage policies are listed and there is a color / rating assigned based on the FIM’s criteria. Giving the list a general glance, it doesn’t look very good for musicians.  Only about 10% of the airlines actually have the green light.  Most of the regulations deal with cabin luggage (and that doesn’t really affect us). On the bright side, there are several airlines marked with red that have been successfully navigated internationally without a bass incident (in the editor’s personal experience).

This is a developing story

It includes you and your experiences.  The more we share our stories (good and bad), the easier it is for lawmakers and the industry to hear us.  Share your experiences and thoughts below.

How does your favorite airline rate?

When it comes to traveling with our basses, we don’t want to take any extra chances. Which airlines rate the best?