Soundpost cover June 1967

We dug into the George Vance Online Research Library to discover the June 1967 issue of Bass Sound Post that we have on file.

Here are a few of the highlights from that first magazine:

  • Gary Karr’s summary of the first conference held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison: “Presiding over this conference of bassists from all over the United States were six specialists who covered a wide area of topics.” Those who gave presentations that year were James Clute (Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra), Murray Godner (Indiana University), Eugene Wright (Dave Brubeck Quartet), Gary Karr, Warren Benfield (Chicago Symphony) and Lawrence LaMay (luthier).
  • “If the bass is to enjoy a better image, if there is to be a revival of interest in the potentials of our neglected instrument, we must first strengthen the bassists’ ‘basic’ ideas. We hope to solidify and improve our thinking concerning almost every facet of the string bass.” Gary Karr
  • Problems of the Left Hand – The topic is a controversial one, but debate on the subject may prove to be beneficial. (Go to page 6 of 26 to read thoughts on Simandl through the Franke System.
  • Shop Talk – Interview with luther Lawrence LaMay.
  • Letters to the Editor – An interesting read. Gary Karr (editor) encouraged vibrant discussions on everything from instrument set up to string length and more.
  • And then there was one – Did you know that during World War II, women musicians in US major symphonies became a necessity, and yet, none of them accepted women bass players!  How crazy is that?!  Most conductors wouldn’t even audition a woman and many good teachers refused to take female students because of the job limitations.  The jazz world wasn’t much better unless you played in an all-female group.  In the end, it was Orin O’Brien who opened the door.

How to Hold the Bass

This was posted as a topic for the next issue: “The topic on holding the bass is POSTED in order to attract your attention and your ideas.”

Feel free to post your comments below.  We want to include your words in the discussion.

Endpin Length 1967

What determines the lengths of the end-pin? How high should the bass be while standing or while sitting?

Bass Angle 1967

At what angle should the bass be when sitting or standing? Is the bass held the same way for both the French bow and the German bow?