Scott LaFaroMany of us know who Scott LaFaro was and all he accomplished behind the bass. Every time you hear a recording of him, you know it’s him, and you are reminded of the fearlessness, innovation, and freedom that he played with. We know this, we know his solos, and we know that unmistakeable sound that turned people’s heads, but for many of us that is all we know.

We are fortunate that Scott’s younger sister, Helene LaFaro-Fernandez, who published Scott’s biography, “Jade Visions,” has preserved his legacy through her large collection of recordings, photos, and correspondence taken from during his life. Over the past six months I have worked with Helene and Nicholas Walker to compile items from this collection into the Scott LaFaro Archive. We will be featuring the archive during the 2017 ISB convention at Ithaca College, where you will be able to take a closer look at the life of this young and accomplished bassist. Included in the archive is Scott’s complete discography (including unreleased recordings), his composition and practice notebook, correspondence between Scott and family, and an array of unpublished photographs from professional and amateur photographers. Join us at the archive exhibition to witness this incredible collection.

Submitted by Sam Shuhan