What?  But the convention isn’t until June 2013! 

Yes, the deadline is upon us.


Why so early?

It’s a big event.  We have folks coming in from all over the world.  The sooner we have a schedule posted, the sooner folks can make their plans and buy the cheapest plane tickets.


How do you pick the presenters for the convention?

It is a bit of a process.  Over the years, we’ve built up a list of VIBs (Very Important Bassists) that are some of our favorites.  They are not only amazing musicians, but they really embody the spirit of warmth, sharing, and giving to our bass community.  We don’t know everyone, so we also get recommendations from our VIBs.  We also get recommendations from you!  Who inspires you?

From that list, we make the call for proposals.  Is it a recital? workshop? master class?  Sometimes folks do more than one thing.  They’ll give a recital, and then work with our Young Bassists Program.  Others might be judges for our competitions or help with the Amateur Bass Program.

Out of the proposals, we put together the program.  We want a good mix of regular favorites, new discoveries, and many different styles of music.  We don’t want the balance to be too heavy in one way or another.  For Rochester, we have a New Music Summit, Early Music Summit, Jazz Track, and Traditional Track (I don’t know what else to call it for now.  Email me if you have a good idea for it).  We also have amazing workshops and panel discussions about everything from teaching to interviews with the stars.

Does everyone get to perform?

Not necessarily.  Just because you submit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be selected.  That said, if we’ve asked you or you’ve been highly recommended, we’d be pretty crazy not to schedule you.  We’re putting a special emphasis on collaborations, so keep that in mind as you put your proposal together.

Do you still need the link to the proposal form?  Here it is!

Proposal Form

We’re looking forward to reading and hearing your proposals very soon!