Greetings! One of our long-running features at the ISB Convention, the Noontime Jam, invites you to play bass ensemble music with bassist friends old and new. Peruse the ISB’s Bass Ensemble Library and find pieces you’d like to play – now, the library is online for your advance perusal! You can get in touch with your friends before the convention and form/practice your ensemble – get ready to sign up for the informal recital we’ll hold on the last day. Why not give your group a name? Here are a few for starters (these are not claimed – can’t imagine why):

The Wolf Tones
Bass Ackward
The Master Bassists
Heywood Jabowmi

Take it from there.

We’ll have hard copies of these on hand. Please keep in mind, as you view the online files, that the publishers have agreed to let us make these available to you in advance just for use at the Noontime Jam, so please don’t make photocopies or distribute.

The files we have publisher permission to share are here:

Included is a spreadsheet of ALL the ISB’s ensemble music, searchable by ensemble size (trio, quartet etc), difficulty level etc.  I’ve put in a column for Comment beside each title – if you try out one of the pieces and like it, you’ll be able to leave a note in the spreadsheet for your fellow Noontime Jammers!  Or, if you find a mistake in the pdf, you can leave a note for me to fix it.

Arrangements by Richard Simons are freely available here – we have hard copies of most, but possibly not all of these – it appears you are free to download and print them:

We also have a number of titles generously contributed by Mr. David Heyes of Recital Music – here is the Contrabass Conversations interview with Mr. Heyes:

We have an exciting new piece written for the women bassists who’ll be attending! “Woman on D Bass” was commissioned by Caitlyn Kamminga – when we perform it at the Noontime Jam, Caitlyn would like to live-stream it back to Trinidad, where she lives and teaches.  Ladies, please go ahead and look at this quartet!

There’s also a newly-contributed quartet by Richard Ratner – a challenging piece, very engaging and melodic.

Of course, you can also bring bass ensemble music of your own, or submit more pieces to this collection.