In putting together the upcoming convention, I wanted to find out what we had done before.  I searched through all of our convention archives to get all those little details.  In my research, I came across the 1984 Chicago Convention.  They had a fact sheet for the details of the convention.  Boy, was I amazed at how much we’ve grown over the years.  It is such an honor to be a part of this family and also be a part of its growth.

Here are a few of the little tidbits I found interesting:

Fact Chicago 1984 Rochester 2013
Location Northwestern University Eastman School of Music
Bassists in Attendance 200 1000+
Artists 36 165 and counting
Exhibitors 13 Companies still counting
Classical Concerts 6 1/2 51
Jazz Concerts 1 1/2 25
Other Tracks mentioned 0 7
Total Number of events ? over 200
Countries Represented Canada, Colombia, England, Holland, Korea, Norway, United States, Venezuela, West Germany Those in Chicago plus:  Japan, China, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, Bulgaria, Finland, Israel, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, and more!

Please note that the 2013 numbers are still rough at this point. We won’t really know how huge this thing is until we’ve tabulated our totals after the convention.

Here’s the full article if you want to check it out: 1984 Chicago Facts

If you’d like to do your own search of the archives, we’ve got it all in the George Vance Online Resource Library