This second day of ISB2013 left me in awe.  Word on Main Street is that there are 2,000 bass-lovers here at the Eastman School. In the morning, I witnessed bass masters pass their knowledge along to over 20 Young Bassists in their bass ensemble rehearsal.

Before the evening concert, winners of the Solo Competition and Makers competition were announced.  I was able to pry away the first prize winner of the Solo Competition, Tian Yang Liu, from his fans for a few questions.

Tian Yang

Solo Competition First Prizewinner: Tian Yang Liu  How old are you?
Tian Yang Liu: 28.

Where are you from?
Changsha, Hunan Province, China.  [Currently in San Francisco, CA]

Where did you go to school?
University of North Texas with teacher, Jeff Bradetich.  I’m now at the San Francisco Conservatory with Scott Pingel.

What kind of rosin did you use for the competition?
 Pops with a blend of cello rosin.

*TianYang especially wanted to say thanks to the judges, his current teacher, Scott Pingel, his former teacher, Jeffery Braditech, pianist, Anastasia Marlina, his family, and girlfriend, Jessica.

Our reporter Zoe Kumagai is a student at the University of Michigan and studies with former ISB President Diana Gannett.