Trevi's BassOur ISB family is made up of folks from all over the world who love the bass.  Sometimes, this bass thing runs in the family.  Trevi is one of those who has inherited her love of the bass from her great-grandfather. Here’s your chance to meet Trevi and find out why she loves the bass:

My name is Trevi Holland.  I am ten years old and I live in White Plains, NY.  I have played the bass at George Washington Elementary School for 2 years.  My great-grandfather played the bass in New York as well.  His name was Al Hall.

The bass is a truly remarkable instrument.  I played bass in our winter concert and I was the only one playing it.  I didn’t really care though because then the crowd will easily find me by my amazing low sounds.  To be able to play the bass is just a dream come true.  Its big so I stand out.  I like to be unique because there is only one me.  When I got a look at a bass I knew I wanted to play it.  At home after tryouts, my parents were surprised at my choice.  They told me about my great-grandfather and showed me videos and I finally figured out why I wanted so badly to play the bass.

What’s your story?  How did you get interested in playing the bass?  Did you find out about it from a friend or family member?  Give us your story in the comment section below.