Now that you have accessed the ISB/Vance Online Research Library, let’s discuss the fourth and final section – the Newsletters section.

NewslettersIn this section there are one to two Bass Lines from 1991 – 2007. In each of the Newsletters you’ll find sections with bass passings, basses for sale, information about upcoming or past conventions and short articles.

These offer an opportunity to quickly look at the past as well as read brief articles written by our colleagues.

Lisa Brown

Lisa is our Facebook curator and Volunteer coordinator for ISB 2017.
When not teaching orchestra to 150 fourth through eighth grade students, Lisa has a private studio of violin, viola, cello and bassists first grade through high school. Lisa also is a coach for the Vail Youth Symphony in Vail, AZ.
Lisa also is a runner and completes a 5K a month. Her goal is to complete in various length runs from 10K, half marathon, and a marathon.
Lisa and her husband, Daniel, form the group TuBass a tuba and bass duo. TuBass commissions new pieces written for tuba and bass or arrange duets for the group. They were featured in the ISB Calendar in 2014.