The ASTA Conference is coming soon (March 5th-8th) in Louisville, KY and ISB members seem to be taking over.  Here are some of the highlights:

Alternative Style Techniques for the Double Bass
Applying common contemporary string techniques such as chopping, chording, strum bowing, slaps and ghost notes for the double bass. Bring your instruments and bows.
Presenter: Craig Butterfield, University of South Carolina

Fast Note Passages and the Double Bass
How to play fast passages in any register cleanly and efficiently, including a discussion of proper posture, left-hand support and shifting, bow technique and appropriate use of rosin. Do’s and don’t’s for both orchestral and solo repertoire will be demonstrated.
Presenter: David Murray, Butler University

Double Bass, a Different Beast:  A Comprehensive Session for Non-Bassist String Teachers
Presenter: Jack Unzicker, University of Texas at Arlington

Collegiate Bass Master Class
Clinician: Joseph Conyers, Philadelphia Orchestra
Pre-College Bass Master Class
Clinician: Volkan Orhon, University of Iowa

Beyond the Rossini Duo: Re-inventing the Cello/Double Bass Duo Repertoire
Low and Lower Duo performances are a mash-up of artistry, virtuosity and satire. With MacGyver-like determination, they create, inspire, and commission works for one cello, one bass, two voices, a sense of humor, a touch of theater, and a willingness to do almost anything.
Presenter: Paul Sharpe, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Building Jazz Bass Lines
How to build a bass line, step by step, focusing on note choice and function within harmonic and melodic structure. Discussion and demonstration of common jazz styles, working within a rhythm section and selecting equipment for best sound production.
Presenter: Jeff Jacobsen, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Boost Your Basses with Better Blend: Ensemble Repertoire That Sparkles and Shines
Lecture/demonstration featuring The Ohio State University Double Bass Ensemble. Ideas to showcase your bass section, including innovative arrangements adaptable to individual skill levels.
Presenter: Paul Robinson, The Ohio State University
Thursday evening concert: “Virtuosos of the Double Bass
Joseph Conyers, Yumi Kendall, Volkan Orhon and DaXun Zhang”
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