The International Society of Bassists was founded in 1967 by Gary Karr, who wanted to give his fellow bassists the feeling of belonging to something exciting and special. From its first gathering of some 60 bassists at the University of Wisconsin in June, 1967, to the latest convention in 2015 at Colorado State University, which attracted over 1,400 participants, the ISB has continued to grow in scope and influence. We now inspire, educate and connect nearly 3,000 members in over 40 countries!  

As we approach our 50th anniversary, ISB President Douglas Mapp has been inspired to start a first-ever biennial fund drive, not only to support our organization’s ongoing outreach, but also to help make our 2017 convention, June 5th-10th at Ithaca College, the biggest and best ever. 

We’ve reached out to our board of directors, with 100% participation, and to over 500 life members, and we’re off to a great start with over $7,000 raised! Our goal may seem ambitious – to raise $500 for each year since since Gary Karr’s dream became a reality – but together, we can do it. 

Every gift, large and small, is deeply appreciated and brings us closer to our goal. Donate in honor or memory of a teacher, artist, colleague or family member who has enriched your life. Donate because the ISB is your professional society, as a performer and educator. 

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Donate today, because it’s all about Bass Love for the instrument that unites us.