Hagai Bilitzky’s performance in the New Music Summit at the ISB Convention 2013, Rochester, NY.

Hagai Bilitzky devised a unique new playing technique for playing Middle Eastern music elements,  like the quarter tones, making it possible to bring the double bass into prominence as a solo instrument in this music.
This can be heard on the second piece in this video, “Taqsim Rast”.
Taqsim is the improvised presentation of the “Maqam”- the Middle Eastern modal framework.
The “Rast” maqam has seven notes,  C to C, with two quarter tones- E half flat and B half flat.
The first piece is a contemporary piece by Taiseer Elias, with lots of room for improvisation.
The third piece is a “Longa”- The more fast, virtuosic genre in this music.

More information about the quarter tones and about the double bass in Middle Eastern music can be found on Hagai’s website