Madeleine Crouch, our ISB Executive Director, reports the latest on flying into ROC with your bass:

Good news from the airport!

ISB convention attendees will be able to leave their trunks at the airport and reclaim them upon return. On the same level as baggage claim go to the “AirCom, also called the Airport Communications or Airport Dispatch” Office circled (in yellow) on this map. If you have trouble finding the Airport Dispatch office, pick up an airport courtesy phone located in the baggage claim area and dial zero for assistance. The storage area in the Airport Dispatch Office is staffed and monitored 24 hours a day, but please allow plenty of extra time when arriving at and returning to the airport to check and reclaim your trunk. There is no charge for this complimentary and extremely helpful service provided by airport staff, so please be COURTEOUS AND FRIENDLY at all times to airport staff, and remember to thank them on behalf of all bassists who travel with their instruments!  Be sure your trunk is clearly labeled with your name, contact information (cell phone and/or email address) and your departing flight information (airline, flight number, date and time, this can be posted on your trunk when you leave it.)

Directions to AirCom