John Clayton caught Madeleine Crouch at the registration desk with her glow from above!

We all know and love our ISB Executive Director, Madeleine Crouch.  She is the first one you meet whether it is on the phone or at the convention.  She is effervescent, tenacious, and straight ahead.  While her company manages other non-profits, we know that she loves us the most 🙂  After these mammoth conventions, the board usually gives Madeleine a gift card for Starbucks or a movie theater in gratitude for all the extra time she spends to make things work.

This time, we really got her.

Two years ago, Douglas Mapp and David Gage had an idea for us to make a CD for Madeleine.  The response was overwhelming.  We received musical tributes from all over the world.  We were even able to keep the entire project a secret from her!

Imagine hearing some of our bass heroes with their own tributes to Madeleine:  John Clayton, Lynn Seaton, Chris Kosky, Michael Moore, Thierry Barbé, Todd Coolman, Gary Karr, Mark Dresser, Alan Lewine, David Murray, Diana Gannett, Tom Knific, Jeff Bradetich, Jim Ferguson, Ron Carter, Rufus Reid, Edgar Meyer and Frank Proto!

All of the artists donated their time, their music, and their recording costs.  Others donated money to cover the mixing and printing costs. We just dig Madeleine that much.

The video shows how we sprung it on her at the convention.

We had 1,000 CDs pressed so you can be a part of the tribute to Madeleine as well.  With each purchase made, all proceeds go directly back to the ISB.

Buy the CD                   Hear it and Download Now

**Please note that the CD includes the Edgar Meyer’s track.  The digital download does not. The digital version does include a pdf file of all the liner notes.

Click on the pictures individually to see them at full size.  If you look closely, you can see Steve Bailey getting his CD signed by Ron Carter!