I woke up Sunday, June 9 to the sound of my alarm, reminding me that there was work to be done, but not until I have some vacation first.  I’ve never experienced this kind of mental and physical exhaustion before. My mind is full of everything and nothing all at the same time.  Before I get too removed from this inspiring ISB 2013, I’d like to give my thanks to everyone that has helped make this possible.

Eastman School of Music

What an amazing facility and group of professionals!  We could not have asked for better collaborators:

  • The Administration (Jamal J. Rossi):  Thank you for being so open and generous with our access to your facilities.
  • James VanDemark – for your behind the scenes “wheeling and dealing” before the convention.  Thank you for all that you did to help make this a reality.
  • Production & Promotion:  Julia Ng, Helen Smith and the gang.  We’ve never had so much promotion for our event before.  Thank you making us a part of the larger Rochester community.  I learned so much from our communications.  You folks are world class!
  • Alice Meyer – for checking in on us every day, helping us in headquarters, and being your lovely, positive self.
  • Dominick Fraczek – You were our on-call tech guru all week.  Thank you for your great patience and mad skills.
  • Ron Stackman & the stage crews – Thank you for your “can do” attitudes and great work.
  • Security & Maintenance – I know we threw you a few “curve balls” during the week.  Thank you for your positive vibe and professional work.

Madeleine Crouch

What can I say?  Thank you just seems weak. I am forever grateful for your hard work and openness to my crazy ideas (and there are many).  I continue to learn from you and I’m excited for more collaborating over the next 2 years.

Jeff Campbell

You are quietly tenacious, hard-working, and uplifting to all those you meet.  Nothing was ever a “problem,” and gear just seemed to appear when it was needed.  Thank you for leading through service and big hugs to your family for their hard work and patience with us all.

John Kennedy

While your official “title” for the convention was Past President and Volunteer Coordinator, you have been far more than that.  Thank you for your wisdom, open ears, and special way you have of calming me down when I start to stress out.


There is no way I can know all of your names.  While we had a lot of folks in our headquarters area, I know that there were others who just jumped right in to help.  This convention can’t happen without this group of folks.  At the risk of offending, I want to mention the names of a few of you who I worked closest with during the week:  Doris, Barbara, Paul, Fumiko, Kiyoe, Nick, Allegra, Joel, Stefani, Betsy, Liz and Danny.  My gratitude is not any less for those I haven’t mentioned by name.  We’ve just got too many names to list:  reporters, videographers, photographers, gear movers, tour guides and more.  You guys rock!

Morten Støve

For the last two years of planning, Morten has been there for me:  supportive, loving, challenging, and occasionally pulling me away from the computer to take a needed break.  He thought his reward would be to enjoy the concerts during the week.  Instead, he was in charge of video archives.  He organized the recording teams, transferred files, and sent cameras back out into the field.  It was a non-stop job.  Though it all, he was calm, positive, and ever professional.  You are the best husband EVER!  I owe you.


Your performances inspire.  Your workshops educate.  Your positive spirits and accessibility bring folks together and build our momentum.  This week would not have been such a thrill without you.

Competition Judges & Leadership

We had an amazing group of competition judges.  It is not an easy job.  It is an intense task to undertake and can sometimes be very controversial.  There was no drama.  Thank you for your reverence for the position, your open ears, and your wise decisions.  Thanks to Diana Gannett, performance division chairs, and Dustin Williams for your dedicated service.


The level keeps getting higher and higher.  Your standards for playing and bass making give us so much joy and hope for the future of our favorite instrument.

We look forward to following your continued growth and development.

ISB Board of Directors

We’ve got the best team around.  Thank you for your hard work, service, and great ideas.  I’m really looking forward to what we can do together over the next 2 years.

Program Curators (David Young, Mark Dresser, Jorge Roeder, Rob Nairn, Heather Miller Lardin)

Our bass family is gloriously diverse.  There is no way for one person to know who all the cutting edge folks are in this community.  Lucky for me, I know who to ask.  Thank you all for curating exciting and inspiring programs.

Good Vibe Committee (Rufus Reid, John Clayton, Paul Ellison)

I know that a convention is going to be fun if these three guys are in the halls.  Beyond their obvious contributions as artists and educators, these guys embody what we want to be as an organization:  open, joyful and helpful.  They are accessible to everyone and they make a tangible difference in one’s ISB experience.  This year, we’re adding Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey to that committee.  Thank you for spreading the joy.


Most of our convention is paid for by our Exhibitors booth fees.  I realize that this is their prime market, but there is more here than meets the eye.  They are also a part of that giving ISB spirit.  I’ve watched many booths become sites for fun events, book signings, performances, bass repair, bow repair and more.  You are an important part of our ISB community.


You made our special projects happen:  competition prizes, concerts, app, t-shirts, bags, water bottles, and more.  We couldn’t do this without you.  Thank your for your generosity and commitment to what we’re doing as an organization.  May your spirit inspire others to join you in these efforts.

Max’s at Eastman Place & the ISB After Hours Band

Thank you for providing the perfect space for us to hang out together and celebrate the end of each day.  Bob Sneider and his band kept the buoyant vibe grooving all night.

YOU, the attendees!  At the end of the day, all of this work means nothing if it doesn’t connect with you.  I heard your excitement in the halls.  Whether it was trying out instruments, discovering a new artist or getting a picture with one of your heroes, you had Eastman vibrating! Let’s do it again!