This is my second ISB Convention. Being here really feels like a family reunion.  Even when meeting new bassists / friends, it feels like we’ve known each other longer. Last night, we all gathered in Kodak Hall.  First, was the passing of a bedazzled, tailpiece-torch from a true bass enthusiast, former President John Kennedy, to the new President, the always-stunning Kristin Korb.  Then the winners of the 14 & Under Solo, 15-18 Solo, Orchestral and Jazz competitions were announced.   A double-bill concert kicked off the convention, featuring 2011’s solo and jazz competitions winners, Yi-Jung Su and Or Bareket.  Afterwards, I caught up with a few of the ISB2013 1st Prize winners.

14 & Unders Solo Competition:  Daniel Tancredi

14 & Under Solo Winner Daniel Tancredi Where are you from?
Atlanta, Georgia

What grade are you in and how old are you?
I am a sophomore.  I guess that makes me fourteen.

What inspired you to compete in the ISB solo competition?
My teacher, Doug [Sommer], recommended it, both for the experience and for meeting people.

What kind of rosin did you use today?

15-18’s Winner: Zhixion Liu (unavailable for interview)

Christopher Johnson

Orchestral Competition First Prize Winner: Christopher Johnson  Where are you from?
Boston, MA

Where did you go to school?
NEC (New England Conservatory) 1991-2006, MSM (Manhattan School of Music) 2006-2008

That was a long time at NEC!
I did Project STEP first.  That is a great program.

Who did you study with?
Don Palma and Tim Cobb.  Oh, and my first teacher!  Helen Stevenson.  And I also want to say thank you to my parents.

What kind of rosin did you use today?
Pops.  The red case.

*Belcanto Strings, Coda Metropolitian Bow, and his bass is a mutt from Gage’s Shop.

Jazz Competition First-Prize Winner: Marty Jaffe

Jazz Competition Winner: Marty Jaffe Where are you from?
Marty Jaffe:  Conway, MA

How old are you?

Where do you go to school?
Columbia-Juilliard.   I am a full time student at Columbia [University] and am enrolled in a jazz ensemble at Juilliard.

Who do you study with?
Ray Drummand.  But I’ve gotten support from other teachers like John Clayton

Why did you want to come to ISB?
This is my first ISB Convention.  The people are so generous with their knowledge.  They are genuine people.  

What kind of pick-up did you use today?
A Realist.  Shout-out to David Gage.    

Reporter Zoe Kumagai is a student at the University of Michigan and studies with former ISB President Diana Gannett.