“Some of my fondest (and most life-changing) memories as a teenager come from summer music camps. The people I met and the things I learned had a great impact on my desire to be a musician. Over the years, I’ve been on the faculty for several camps.  They are just as enriching now as when I was a kid.”  Kristin Korb (ISB Past President)

Regardless of your age, ISB 2017 is your one stop slice of bass heaven. There are workshops and noontime jam sessions for adults and there is also the Young Bassists Program that runs the entire week.

The ISB Event HUB is busting with bass events happening all spring and summer.

This list below is not dynamic.  As soon as it is posted, I’m sure there will be more events added to our calendar.  FEAR NOT.  All of these event were merely filters from our ISB Event HUB.  The different colors indicate how the events self identified themselves as workshops, camps, festivals, or master classes.

For complete details on these events (and more), go to the HUB. If you find that your event isn’t on the HUB, go there to post it now.