Body & Bass

Changing Engrained Habits Randy Kertz has asked Ariane Cap to talk with us today about changing the bad habits we may have developed over time. One of the things Ariane uses with her students is the PORA Process: Principals of Rotating Attention (Download the...

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Exercise right and watch your meds

Dr. Randy Kertz is taking us to the mat to discuss proper form for push ups and yoga moves. Wrists are particularly vulnerable when doing these movements.  They can be done right. Just be mindful in your practice. Are you taking any...

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Bend Your Knees

  We tend to adopt a fairly rigid posture when we stand too long in one position. We'll even lean on one side or the other. ¬†Remember to keep your knees loose and slightly bent to keep you supple and fluid on your feet.

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What’s in your pocket?

In today's installment, Dr. Kertz reminds us to get the stuff out of our back pockets. Thick items in your back pocket can make you sit out of alignment and cause problems. He also gives some tips to reduce pain in your left thumb.

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Is it tennis or golfer’s elbow?

Did you know that most folks diagnosed with golfer's or tennis elbow don't even play those sports? Maybe they should call it something else. Regardless, here's the latest from Dr. Randy Kertz on identifying and recovering from that elbow...

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