In addition to proper body positioning and stretching, it is also nice to get a massage to keep your back and arm muscles relaxed and ready to go. Randy Kertz gives us some great tips to help communicate clearer with your massage therapist.

So, what area bothers you the most?  Is it the rhomboids? innercostal muscles? quadratus lumborum?  Let us know your thoughts.

If you have a question for Randy, you can email it to us and you might see it soon as one of our monthly features.

Dr. Randy Kertz’s website

Dr. Randall Kertz

Dr. Randall Kertz  is the primary physician at Health Care Specialists, Ltd., and has been practicing chiropractic and acupuncture at this and other locations for over 15 years.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology.
The current location in Niles is the primary treatment center, although frequently services are performed at other venues. Dr. Kertz often treats musicians for various injuries they may sustain on the road or locally, and is the on call chiropractor for many Chicago area music venues, and is occasionally called on to go on the road for short periods of time. His clientele include many local, national and international acts, some famous, some not. He is team physician for Health Kick Martial Arts competition team.
He has done extensive work with acupuncture, specialising in musculoskeletal problems and addiction therapies.