I (Kristin Korb) met Diego Zecharies in Barcelona, Spain at Jonathan Camps’ Barcelona Bass Meeting in May 2013.  I had the opportunity to play with him in a bass ensemble.  He is a dynamic individual and great player.  As a new ISB member, he is reaching out to the family with his new project in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The 1st. International Festival of Montevideo Bass 2013 will be held November 30-December 1.

In this video, Diego gives you a little bit of his thoughts on the matter back in May.  Below, is part of his official letter:

Dear bass players friends,

The 1st. International Festival of Montevideo Bass is one of the many positive consequences of many years of working with thousands of children and young people across the country united in the Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles del Uruguay (SOJIU) have grown into dozens of orchestras symphonies around the country.

El Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles del Uruguay, is a nonprofit foundation that promotes the study of music in children and young people as a tool for human development, prioritizing its activities in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The Foundation participates in the dynamics of Social Action for Music, launched in Venezuela in 1975 by José Antonio Abreu and now being developed by the world, known as “The System.”

System Foundation Youth Orchestras of Uruguay, is part of an international network, which involves more than 30 countries implementing music education programs with a goal of social development.

This initiative has become a training tool and projections for talented young musicians from Uruguay, enabling them access to high quality training through the “Programa Nacional de Formación Orquestal” (PRONAFOR) associated with the Orchestra and led by a team of prestigious teachers from nationally and internationally panorama, having to host the National Auditorium SODRE Adela Reta.

The “Programa Nacional de Formación Orquestal” has chairs for each instrument and the 1st. International Bass Festival of Montevideo 2013 is an activity created within the PRONAFOR Bass Chair, to provide all SOJIU students, music students and all the musicians, amateur or professionals, national or foreigners the opportunity to get close and learn firsthand from some of the best bass players in the national and international scene at an event unparalleled in scope and significance across the continent.

All activities from PRONAFOR and SOJIU are focused on social redemption through music and as such are FREE activities for those who share our ideas of equality, effort, share, grow, play and fight.

Therefore, to show that another world is possible, we are proud to inform everyone who wants to attend, share, learn, listen and grow with this festival that:  ALL ACTIVITIES OF THE 1St. INTERNATIONAL BASS FESTIVAL OF MONTEVIDEO 2013 ARE FREE AND FREE ACCESS TO COMPLETE APPRAISAL.

We will continue to report on the list of national and international artists participating in the festival and all updates you can follow through our website: www.festivalcontrabajo.org

I hope to see everyone in Montevideo this November.  It will be our honor to be your hosts.

A big hug to everyone,

Diego Zecharies