We here at ISB love bass ensemble work.  What do we love even more?  When there are 13 bassists on tour.  That is quite the adventure in both practical and musical matters.  If you happen to be in Germany, check these folk out and report your thoughts here.  Congrats to ISB member Sebastian Gramms for putting the tour together.

Tour Dates:

Thu,19/02 @ 20h Lokal-Harmonie, Duisburg
Fri, 20/02 @ 21h Aufsturz, Berlin
Sat, 21/02 @ 19:30h Just Music Festival, Wiesbaden
Mon, 23/02 @ 20:30h Stadtgarten, Cologne


Dieter Manderscheid          double bass, soloist
Reza Askari-Motlagh          double bass
Stefan Berger                     double bass
Dietmar Fuhr                      double bass
Volker Heinze                     double bass
David Helm                         double bass
Constantin Herzog              double bass
Jakob Kühnemann              double bass
André Nendza                     double bass
Joscha Oetz                        double bass
Christian Ramond                double bass
Stefan Schönegg                double bass
Sebastian Gramss              double bass, solo, composer

Rodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss: conductor

Photo Credit: Frank Schindelbeck