Author: Jason Heath

Results from A Survey of, for and about Bassists

Response to the survey, ‘Of, for and about Bassists’ was significant: over 520 bassists participated! Thank you for your valuable and insightful input, your time, and your openness. To review, the survey included the following categories: General Setup Information, Physical Symptoms, Mental/Emotional Symptoms, Change, and Describe Yourself (demographic information). In analyzing the results, patterns began to appear. General setup information and demographics were assessed first. Results were then looked at from several different perspectives. Ultimately, what is presented here is the result of looking for any patterns among bassists’ responses. In addition to general setup and demographical information, results will be shown in the following subcategories: primary bow usage, primary focus of work, and areas of the body most significantly impacted with pain, tension, and fatigue or weakness. In general, levels of symptom intensity will be reported with the following descriptions: minimal, moderate, intense, extreme. Intensity levels reported in these results apply to most but not all respondents, and some reported symptoms only on an intermittent basis. Respondents had a wide range of intensity levels; intensity levels reported here are for the average of all results for each individual question. Some respondents noted additional sources of physical symptoms: computer use, sitting for extended periods of time, lifting incorrectly, shoveling snow, gardening, sports, and other general aspects of life. Results were cross-examined within demographic groups (student, amateur, professional orchestral, professional...

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A Free Service That Connects Basses To Bassists!

Rent-a-Bass It’s getting harder and harder to travel with an acoustic bass these days, as I’m sure most of you know. Since the spring of 2002, I have been renting basses for every date I do on the road, which works out to be over 120 different basses a year. Most of the time the quality is good, but there’s been a few gigs where I would have had a better time “scatting” my bass lines. Google searching for music stores might work for a few major cities, but even then you run the risk of getting a bass that came straight from a factory and wasn’t set up by a professional. In my concert rider, I began requesting that the bass be rented from a professional bass player or string repair shop, not a general music store. This one little sentence completely changed the quality of instruments that I now receive. The only trick is finding the professional bass players in each town that we go to. On one occasion, I had a 10 day tour lined up, but none of the venues were able to locate an instrument. All of our contact people were clueless on who to call or where to look. That’s when it hit me. I decided that with the way things were going, we bassists needed a website where we could locate instruments...

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