Author: Elisabeth Ellison

Adult Learners Curriculum ISB 2017

All sessions are participatory and dynamic – bring your bass if you have it (if not, we can share for trying out techniques, and you can still gain from observing). Tuesday at 10am we will have a group discussion on which Scale Warriors routines to place on which day, depending on how many arco vs. pizz players we have. Of course, you are welcome to play all of them. Noontime Jam: hard copies of ensemble music in the ISB’s library are provided for use on-site and are property of the ISB. You’re welcome to play your own selections, of...

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Play bass ensembles at the Noontime Jam!

Greetings! One of our long-running features at the ISB Convention, the Noontime Jam, invites you to play bass ensemble music with bassist friends old and new. Peruse the ISB’s Bass Ensemble Library and find pieces you’d like to play – now, the library is online for your advance perusal! You can get in touch with your friends before the convention and form/practice your ensemble – get ready to sign up for the informal recital we’ll hold on the last day. Why not give your group a name? Here are a few for starters (these are not claimed – can’t...

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Learning How to Learn

How do you learn the bass?  Time-honored procedures largely consist of getting a method book and practicing – with help from a teacher, if available.  Or starting with simple tunes you can play in a group, then working up in complexity.  As adults, we may find we are progressing slower than young bassists, or that the closer we get to our playing goals, the more difficult they are to achieve.  Adults will have to become more reflective than kids about their own learning process – apart from just learning the bass, you’ll benefit from spending some of your time...

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Staying the course – for adult beginners

Perhaps you have begun learning double bass as an adult, or switched from another instrument, or have re-started after a long hiatus. After what seems a considerable time applying yourself, what you envisioned as a pleasurable, leisure-time activity has turned out to be a steep uphill climb, and you wonder why you’re not quite getting “there”. It gets embarrassing, and even consulting with private teachers and other players gives you little that’s actionable except “practice more”. Maybe there is a way to make the process quicker and easier…here is where we fall into temptation in ways that don’t come...

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