Author: Kristin Korb

My How We've Grown!

In putting together the upcoming convention, I wanted to find out what we had done before.  I searched through all of our convention archives to get all those little details.  In my research, I came across the 1984 Chicago...

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What’s Your Reason: Myers Family

ISB isn’t just for adults. Yes, these guys are all brothers: Paris 16, Fox 15, Cruise 12, Tripp Myers 8. Here’s what they liked about the convention: PS: Their dad is a bassist too! Do you have an ISB highlight? Send...

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2013 Headliners Announced

We are thrilled to be able to announce our evening headliners for the 2013 ISB Convention! MONDAY: 2011 Competition Winners Night Yi-Jung Su Or Bareket TUESDAY: Brett Shurtliffe & Yung-Chiao Wei Ron Carter WEDNESDAY: Thomas...

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