Hello Young Bassists!

In today’s email we’re talking about daily schedules during the Young Bassists Program.

So far, I’ve sent detailed information about how day one and the last day will go. I’ve been working hard with so many great teacher artists to create an amazing week JUST FOR YOU! Only our 18-and-under crowd gets to participate in these workshops and masterclasses. I’ve put up a copy of the daily schedule in our dropbox account, and there will be copies in your folders, along with your music and small ensemble assignment. I’ve also posted the small ensemble groupings in the dropbox account today.

For small ensemble, there is no music to post. Your coaches will be bringing music to try out on Tuesday and will make decisions from there. I’ve done my best to group you with a coach and other musicians that share your interests. Your group may not rehearse at the same time each day, so check the schedule! We will have announcements reminding you of who meets when each day.

I’m going to invite these people to play in the first masterclass with Jeffrey Turner on Tuesday:
Carter Wemhoff, Julide San, Lauren Bayles, and Michael Zogaib. Jacob Fisher is “on deck” if we have enough time to add one more person.

I have a list of which people have expressed interest in which classes – thanks to those who jumped in and filled out their surverymonkey. I’m going to close the survey now, since I’ll be leaving home shortly to drive to Ithaca. I’ll be bringing that info along with paper sign up sheets for everyone to use to Ithaca. My goal is get everyone to play at least once during our week, and hopefully for the teacher they most want to see. Remember – observing a masterclass is still a great way to learn! If you don’t happen to get chosen for a certain class, I highly recommend you still go and watch the teacher working with other students.

Hopefully you have been receiving updates from the ISB office as well, with all kinds of info on where to park, where to check in, where the dorms are, where the meals are, etc.  I will only add: bring a pencil, a rockstop (or endpin cap), a variety of clothing (looks warm during the day, but might get cool at night), your music you want to perform in masterclass, your best attitude, and a notebook to remember what the teachers offered for advice in all the different classes and workshops you went to.

Wow I am SO excited to get to Ithaca and meet all of you!  See you Tuesday morning!!

Gaelen McCormick
Chair, Young Bassists Program 2017 | gmccormick@esm.rochester.edu

What I Love About ISB: I love that our bass family has all kinds of interests that we mutually encourage and support: brand new ideas in composing, fiercely focused discussions on the details of orchestral playing, raising the next generation of players with new pedagogical ideas and materials that are being written by our own members, showcasing the wide spectrum of styles that our instrument plays in. I’ve really never been a part of another group that is so broad in mission yet so committed to helping one another in practical ways.