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Sam Suggs won the solo competition at the #ISB2015 convention in Fort Collins, CO. As a result of his winning, Sam will be featured on the opening night of the International Society of Bassists 2017 50th Anniversary Convention in Ithaca. Here’s a great example of why! ‪#‎ISB2017‬

ISB’s 50th Anniversary hits in Ithaca at ISB2017



Mark your calendars now for ISB2017 at Ithaca College, June 5-10, 2017.  Did you know we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary at the 2017 convention?  As part of our celebration at Ithaca College, we want to hear from you about your dreams for the next convention.  Your voice matters.  It’s your ISB.

In Memory: Roy Francis

We just received this news from Donovan Stokes.  It looks like the ISB was important to him: Long time ISB member Roy Francis has passed. You may remember I wrote an article on his life about 10 years ago for the journal. (Read Donovan’s article below.) He was...

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Help Us Celebrate 50 Years of Bass Love!

The International Society of Bassists was founded in 1967 by Gary Karr, who wanted to give his fellow bassists the feeling of belonging to something exciting and special. From its first gathering of some 60 bassists at the University of Wisconsin in June, 1967, to the...

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Ivory and Instruments Update

This comes to us via The Recording Academy: Since February 2014, the Obama Administration has been working hard to combat the African elephant poaching crisis by crafting regulations to impose a near total ban on the commercial trade of African elephant ivory.  The...

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Whether you are a professional or amateur, a luthier or a composer, collector or gearhead, or perhaps simply a listener who enjoys very low frequencies, there is a place in the ISB for you to share your double bass love! Joel Quarrington

Principal Bassist, London Symphony Orchestra

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to learn that bassists have a unique and supportive bond with each other that is not shared by players of any other instrument. The ISB is the lead organization we have that keeps this family connected throughout the world. John Clayton

It seems as if I’ve been a member of the ISB since the first blues line was played! It was a great choice of notes, as good a choice as joining this Society. I’ve met some fantastic people along the way, played on some fantastic instruments, new and old, and heard some fantastic performances. When you join, you’ll be sharing these things with me. Ron Carter

Once you’ve been bitten by the bass bug, the ISB has got to be one of the primary sources for nurturing your love and enthusiasm for what the bass represents in your life. Gary Karr

ISB Founder


Being a member means gaining access to the amazing bassists that you know and love and meeting new friends for life. Plus, you get Bass World 3 times a year and a lot of other cool stuff!
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