June 5-10, 2017

Ithaca College | Ithaca, NY, USA








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Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker

ISB President-Elect/Artistic Director & Convention Chair #ISB2017

The ISB is a family that can be both a foundation of support and an opening to a vast world of experiences and meaningful connections.



The ISB Board of Directors and I are looking forward to hosting you for our 50th Anniversary Convention, June 5 – 10, 2017, at Ithaca College in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

Our founder, Gary Karr, first convened a group of 50 double bassists in the summer of 1967. Who would have imagined our club to have grown to over 3000 members in 40 different countries only 50 years later? And perhaps this tremendous growth is the least astounding achievement for our instrument and those who love it. We’ve grown as artists, luthiers, pedagogues, scholars, and community builders. We have come together and shared our experiences in this great family beyond the wildest dreams of those first 50 followers.

At this 50th Anniversary Convention, we plan to celebrate what we have built as a community, and also contemplate where we are headed over the next 50 years. 

We will be announcing our headliners, special convention activities, and introducing you to the team of convention chairs over the next few weeks. We hope to make this our best convention yet – the tallest of orders, and seemingly impossible to those of us who have been so meaningfully shaped by unforgettable experiences together at past conventions.

You won’t want to miss this one, so please hold the dates, and stay tuned for more information. (Also, do not hesitate to send me your feedback, memories, hopes, and dreams for this convention and the next 50 years together!)

Nicholas Walker, DMA, Associate Professor of Music,
ISB President-Elect/Artistic Director & Convention Chair #ISB2017 

Convention News:

Tracy Rowell joins ISB Board of Directors as Education Chair

Please join me and the ISB Board of Directors in welcoming Tracy Rowell to our team. About Tracy Rowell: An ISB member for over 30 years, Tracy has been to many conventions, and has worked closely with our Young Bassist program and other educational initiatives over...

Blast From The Past: ISB 2007-present

We're down to the final month!! As we get closer to ISB's 50th year anniversary, we are jumping back in time with monthly installments featuring each decade in ISB history. All leading to this year's Convention in Ithaca, June 5-10, 2017!  In this installment we're...

ISB member wins the 2017 Stulberg Competition

ISB member William McGregor has won the gold medal against all string instruments in the annual Stulberg Competition held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. http://www.stulberg.org/ Hear him play Bach Cello Sonata no. 2, Double Bass, Prelude, Courante, Sarabande William...

Different Strokes Orchestral Series at Convention

In the 1980s and 90s the great Hal Robinson (Principal Bass of the Philadelphia Orchestra) edited a column in our ISB Bass World Magazines called, Different Strokes. (FYI, ISB Members can re-read pdf files of these inspiring articles online through this link to the...

Blast from the Past: ISB 1997-2007

As we get closer to ISB's 50th year anniversary, we are jumping back in time through monthly instalments of each decade of the ISB. All leading to this year's Convention in Ithaca, June 5-10, 2017!  In this instalment we're taking a dip into 1997-2007.  It's go time!...

ISB2017 Leadership Team

Find out more about the people who are organizing the various areas of the upcoming convention.

Gary Karr

Gary Karr

Keynote Speaker


Sandor Ostlund

Sandor Ostlund

Competition Chair

The ISB serves as a vehicle and catalyst through which the wonderful ideas and transformational growth of the double bass in the last 50 years have been disseminated and further developed. What a truly inspiring community to be a part of!

Gaelen McCormick

Gaelen McCormick

Young Bassists Chair

What I Love About ISB: I love that our bass family has all kinds of interests that we mutually encourage and support: brand new ideas in composing, fiercely focused discussions on the details of orchestral playing, raising the next generation of players with new pedagogical ideas and materials that are being written by our own members, showcasing the wide spectrum of styles that our instrument plays in. I’ve really never been a part of another group that is so broad in mission yet so committed to helping one another in practical ways.

David Allen Moore

David Allen Moore

Daily Group-Technique Chair

ISB is a chance to fuel the fires of our imagination, get inspired, reconnect with old friends while making new ones, and experience the celebration of our diversity while being joined in our shared love of the double bass!

Alexander Hanna

Alexander Hanna

Chair of Different Strokes Orchestral Program

I love the ISB because it has connected me with some of the greatest musicians and people I’ve ever met. I am very grateful!

Elisabeth Ellison

Elisabeth Ellison

Adult Learner Chair

I love the ISB because most of my friends are in it!

Mark Dresser

Mark Dresser

New Music Committee Chair

The ISB is a supportive community of musicians both professional and amateur who share a common love, empathy, and experience with the complex maneuvering of the bass. As such there’s a bond between bassists that transcends genre and traditional divisions of communities. The ISB more than any other organization I know aspires to reach out with its warm embrace towards a holistic inclusivity.

Dustin Williams

Dustin Williams

Co-Chair of Build-a-Bass Program

The bass is a fascinating and curious instrument to me.  Its many sounds, uses, techniques, shapes, its construction, and it just goes on and on.  But what I find more fascinating than the instrument itself are so many other people who, like me, also love the bass.  People with all kinds of backgrounds and life stories who use and experience the bass in such creative ways.  Always in a generous and fun way, always striving to improve, and always cheering on others.  The ISB is a body of friends who share something special and I am grateful for what the ISB offers to so many of my friends.

Paul Hart

Paul Hart

Build-a-Bass Co-Chair

Miles Brown

Miles Brown

After Hours Jazz Jam Session Chair

Brian Dozoretz

Brian Dozoretz

Technology & Facilities Chair

Since discovering the bass 32 years ago, it has always given me energy, inspiration, and a foundation on which to build everything else, both as a performer, and a sound engineer; be it an arrangement, the power from a concert PA system, a song’s energy flow, or a multi-track production from the other side of the glass, the ability to support everyone, and everything else, around the low frequencies is a most spectacular experience. The ISB represents the full community of that powerful energy, in celebration!